Pro Edge Sports offers online sports agent certification class

The Pro Edge Sport Academy website has recently offered a new online class. The Pro Edge Sports Academy’s focus is providing you, the customer, with sports job training.  The sports agent course is designed for anyone who is interested in becoming a sports agent and representing professional athletes. There are no pre-requisites in order to enroll in the course.

Jared Lane established the Pro Edge Sports Academy in 2001. The company has seen growth in the past few years as a result of the demand for training in sports business.

Successful completion of this course will give you the foundation and confidence to represent clients in all professional sports. This eight-week online course is supplemented with webinars, outside articles, Powerpoint presentations and exams.

The website and their blog does not offer more information on the course. The 8-week course covers topics like athlete recruitment plans, contract negotiations and endorsements.

Although the students have the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their home, I do not understand how the students will gain the real world experience that is necessary to be successful in the industry. At the same time, I think it is difficult to develop a network of clients from the comfort of your own home. Also, sports agents tend to have a degree in law or some prior knowledge of law as well as finance and public relations in order to succeed in the industry.

It will be interesting to see if the classes become an effective way to enter the industry.

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Nonprofit organizations: Shifting their Focus

The year 2012 is a time for new beginnings.  This is the time of year when people will make promise to others and themselves about doing something in their routines differently. In addition to the people making basic changes nonprofits should also take similar measures in order to build a better organization. In response to 7 things nonprofits should focus on, there are three topics I would like to focus on. These topics include smartphones, ZMOT and branding.


The first subject nonprofit organizations can focus on is smartphones. You may ask yourself, “What do smart phones have to do with a nonprofits? According to a recent Nielson study smart phones have a huge market share and will only continue to grow. If possible, every nonprofit organization needs to take advantage of mobile donations. This is a great way to show their prospective donors that a mobile donation is a fast and easy way to make a difference. 

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The next focus for nonprofits in the new year is ZMOT by Google. This concept is structured on how a consumer makes a buying decision. In other words, there is content on the Internet that a user can consult with before they make a donation. These reviews can range from user interface to overall satisfaction of their donation. This is similar to the popular consumer driven website, Yelp. The concept of influencing buyer decisions is new to the world of nonprofit organization. On the Internet a bad review from a donor can spread quickly.


While there are techniques that can be effective in helping nonprofit organizations, such as smartphones, market branding is the most effective. Building a brand needs to be the focus of nonprofits every year. A brand is essentially what makes the organization stand out against similar organizations.

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Nike’s Kobe System advertisements: Success for the Successful

If you watch professional sports on television chances are that you have already seen the new series of Nike advertisement called the “Kobe System.” The advertisements are designed to market Kobe Bryant’s new line of shoes and Kobe Bryant himself.  The advertisement includes several elite athletes and prominent businessmen listening to Kobe give a lecture on success. These elite individuals include, Landon Donovan, Richard Branson, Jerry Rice and Kanye West to name a few.  The message that Bryant is trying to convey is what happens beyond success? Kobe poses the question: “where do you go from the top? You go over the top.”

The advertisement is named after Kobe Bryant and arguably labels him as the best player in professional basketball.

This “Kobe System” involves 5 levels. Nike  released five commercials where each commercial focuses on one of the five levels. The levels appear in this order: success, adaptation, perception, explosion and domination.

In this case success is basically the first step being successful. Therefore, Kobe Bryant is suggesting that he is already successful. Once you have become successful you need to adapt your game plan in order to be explosive in your efforts. At this point you will truly be dominant in whatever you choose. Once you have reached the pinnacle of success there is no need to stop.

Kobe suggests there is a difference in success and dominance. Bryant might know a thing or two about being successful. It is important to note that Kobe is in his 15th season and is currently the leading scorer in the NBA. Maybe this “Kobe system” is worth looking into.

The advertisement suggests that once you have become successful you are guaranteed financial and elite social privileges.

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Why blog?

Many people ask, “why should I blog? And why does anyone care what I have to say?” Unfortunately, many young people are often unaware of the benefits using a blog.  Starting a blog is a great way to post an online journal about a topic of your choice.

Difficult economic times have made the job search difficult and frustrating for many recent college graduates. In 7 reasons every job seeker needs to blog Mark Schafer  suggests that a blog will make you more visible to employers by appearing in Google search results.

Believe it or not, maintaining a  blog is actually a great way to help secure a position in the workplace. Blogging in general is unique because the user can easily show people all over the Internet where his/her expertise is. On the other hand, an interview is a situation in which you can only hope to convince people where your expertise lies.

At the same time, a blog serves as a medium that allows you to actively generate a professional network and generate a discussion on a specific topic. Your blog topics can be professional or based on hobbies and interests. Since you are posting information on the internet your blog essentially forces you to stay current in the field of expertise by providing accurate information and opinions.  Is there anything a blog cannot do?

As a result, maintaining a blog can be a great way for a recent college graduate to aid his/her job search. It is vital to provide accurate and compelling content for the employer to see. Also, proper spelling and grammar is a necessity.

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The focus for my blog will be the sports marketing industry. My blog will serve as a hotspot for networking, news and dialogue for the industry. It is my goal to work in sports marketing or a related field. Sports have always played a major role in my life. I find sports marketing very interesting because I see an intersection of sports, business and communication. I hope to gain more experience and orient myself with the industry through my blog. I have always found the sports marketing field to be very interesting and always evolving.

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