Code of Ethics

It is vital to adhere to a strict code of ethics when maintaining a blog. A code of ethics does not need to be complicated. Instead, it needs to be a simple list of rules and standards that one must follow in order to maintain their integrity on the Internet.

Code of Ethics:

1) I will tell the truth.

2) I will write accurately and clearly.

3) I will correct mistakes when necessary.

4) I will not delete any comments unless are spam related or inappropriate.

5) I will stay on topic and provide relevant material.

6) If and when I disagree with an opinion I will be respectful in my argument.

7) I will link to and cite my sources directly.

8) Issues and topics that are private will remain private.

9) I will not delete a post.

10) I will preserve my original post using notations to show where corrections are made.


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