My Plans for the future

In my time spent blogging, I have learned so much about the sports marketing industry that its hard to pick a starting point. Overall, I have found sports marketing is constantly becoming more and more user driven. The future of sports marketing seems to lie in the world of social media and the smartphone. Until the smartphone has been referred to as the “third screen.” Now companies are referring to the mobile devices as the “first screen” in an effort to catch customers on-the-go.

ESPN’s mobile strategy can be compared to a  “bridge” in the sense that it connects people to broader forms of media. Mobile is now the gateway to other screens and formats. Mobile apps and marketing are now common on the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

I have also learned the new face of marketing calls for more and more user interaction. For example, in last week’s blog post I mention how Taylormade has implemented the “driver love” contest into their online advertisements. This contest requires participants to submit pictures of their Taylormade products. The contest also has a sizable Twitter following.

The end of my time spent in college is about 3 months away. I have enjoyed my time spent in my public relations class and my desire to learn more about the marketing industry. I am excited at the opportunities that lie ahead. I am in process of applying to several sports marketing internships and positions.

If given the opportunity, I will use the skills and knowledge I have picked up from my research over the past few months. I plan to continue blogging after my class is finished.

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About Pat Terwilliger

Senior at the University of Oregon. Communications major and a minor in Business Administration.
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