Social Media and Sports Marketing

Sports and athletics have evolved in every aspect. We have seen changes in rules, performance, and of course the marketing side of athletics. Much of this change is a result of the need for interaction among the sports fans and the brand itself.

Social media networks became popular in 2004 and did not really catch on in  professional sports until 2008. Social media in sports has evolved to advertisements that refer to Twitter and Facebook pages as a means of generating more buzz about their product. Of course, many athletes manage his or her own Twitter pages. These official Twitter pages allow the consumers to connect with their favorite athlete on a personal level.

The reason for the late adoption of social media and advertising was the inability to see a need for innovation in the field of sports. Sports has long-established a loyal fanbase. Therefore, it was not vital for maintaining an audience-until social media caught on in popularity.

Marketing has adopted two goals for their social media.

The first role is the reactive approach. Marketing agencies often use this approach to learning about the fan and brand interaction. Sports companies will monitor social media trends regarding their products on Twitter.

On the other hand, the proactive approach is equally as important. Sports companies must constantly develop content that grabs the public eye and “creates a buzz.” Content development with a proactive approach has become especially popular with sports teams.

An example of the proactive approach is Taylormade’s new Driver Love contest. The Contest requires contestants to submit photographs of his or her dedication to Taylormade products. Taylormade has quickly become one of the most popular golf brands in the world over the past several years. The Driver Love contest has sparked a major twitter following.

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    Posts look great, Pat. Seems you’re right on track.

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