Benefits of using social media internally

In a recent article, Kristin Piombino points out that when a company that employs the use of internal social media tools the employees are, “more likely to refer others for employment and give the company the benefit of the doubt in a crisis.” Trends also show that people are more likely to work at the company that uses social media. Employees likely to feel reassured their employer is doing everything they can with respect to communication and rapid response purposes. Also, Many younger employees feel the company is innovative by using social media.

I would agree that some form of contact with the top management is helpful. However, I think the goal here is to obtain a higher level of transparency within the organization and it’s employees through communication not to appeal to a younger workforce. As a result, the employees of a company that uses social media as an internal form of communication, “are 78% more likely to purchase stock” according to a study by APCO Worldwide and Gagen McDonald.

I think there is a growing demand for transpercncy among people in my generation. I believe all of this is part of the changing urban landscape of the workforce. The study shows the employees want quality content and prefer to have dialogue with the executive management team more than ever.

If the employees are confident in the transperancy with the leadership team they will be more likely to invest in something they believe in. Many of the social media tools in place are similar to Facebook and a standard blog.





Flickr Image by Mashable


About Pat Terwilliger

Senior at the University of Oregon. Communications major and a minor in Business Administration.
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