Nonprofit organizations: Shifting their Focus

The year 2012 is a time for new beginnings.  This is the time of year when people will make promise to others and themselves about doing something in their routines differently. In addition to the people making basic changes nonprofits should also take similar measures in order to build a better organization. In response to 7 things nonprofits should focus on, there are three topics I would like to focus on. These topics include smartphones, ZMOT and branding.


The first subject nonprofit organizations can focus on is smartphones. You may ask yourself, “What do smart phones have to do with a nonprofits? According to a recent Nielson study smart phones have a huge market share and will only continue to grow. If possible, every nonprofit organization needs to take advantage of mobile donations. This is a great way to show their prospective donors that a mobile donation is a fast and easy way to make a difference. 

Flickr image by William Hook


The next focus for nonprofits in the new year is ZMOT by Google. This concept is structured on how a consumer makes a buying decision. In other words, there is content on the Internet that a user can consult with before they make a donation. These reviews can range from user interface to overall satisfaction of their donation. This is similar to the popular consumer driven website, Yelp. The concept of influencing buyer decisions is new to the world of nonprofit organization. On the Internet a bad review from a donor can spread quickly.


While there are techniques that can be effective in helping nonprofit organizations, such as smartphones, market branding is the most effective. Building a brand needs to be the focus of nonprofits every year. A brand is essentially what makes the organization stand out against similar organizations.


About Pat Terwilliger

Senior at the University of Oregon. Communications major and a minor in Business Administration.
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