Nike’s Kobe System advertisements: Success for the Successful

If you watch professional sports on television chances are that you have already seen the new series of Nike advertisement called the “Kobe System.” The advertisements are designed to market Kobe Bryant’s new line of shoes and Kobe Bryant himself.  The advertisement includes several elite athletes and prominent businessmen listening to Kobe give a lecture on success. These elite individuals include, Landon Donovan, Richard Branson, Jerry Rice and Kanye West to name a few.  The message that Bryant is trying to convey is what happens beyond success? Kobe poses the question: “where do you go from the top? You go over the top.”

The advertisement is named after Kobe Bryant and arguably labels him as the best player in professional basketball.

This “Kobe System” involves 5 levels. Nike  released five commercials where each commercial focuses on one of the five levels. The levels appear in this order: success, adaptation, perception, explosion and domination.

In this case success is basically the first step being successful. Therefore, Kobe Bryant is suggesting that he is already successful. Once you have become successful you need to adapt your game plan in order to be explosive in your efforts. At this point you will truly be dominant in whatever you choose. Once you have reached the pinnacle of success there is no need to stop.

Kobe suggests there is a difference in success and dominance. Bryant might know a thing or two about being successful. It is important to note that Kobe is in his 15th season and is currently the leading scorer in the NBA. Maybe this “Kobe system” is worth looking into.

The advertisement suggests that once you have become successful you are guaranteed financial and elite social privileges.

Kobe Bryant. Flckr image by Boixoesnois


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