Why blog?

Many people ask, “why should I blog? And why does anyone care what I have to say?” Unfortunately, many young people are often unaware of the benefits using a blog.  Starting a blog is a great way to post an online journal about a topic of your choice.

Difficult economic times have made the job search difficult and frustrating for many recent college graduates. In 7 reasons every job seeker needs to blog Mark Schafer  suggests that a blog will make you more visible to employers by appearing in Google search results.

Believe it or not, maintaining a  blog is actually a great way to help secure a position in the workplace. Blogging in general is unique because the user can easily show people all over the Internet where his/her expertise is. On the other hand, an interview is a situation in which you can only hope to convince people where your expertise lies.

At the same time, a blog serves as a medium that allows you to actively generate a professional network and generate a discussion on a specific topic. Your blog topics can be professional or based on hobbies and interests. Since you are posting information on the internet your blog essentially forces you to stay current in the field of expertise by providing accurate information and opinions.  Is there anything a blog cannot do?

As a result, maintaining a blog can be a great way for a recent college graduate to aid his/her job search. It is vital to provide accurate and compelling content for the employer to see. Also, proper spelling and grammar is a necessity.

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About Pat Terwilliger

Senior at the University of Oregon. Communications major and a minor in Business Administration.
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